The Most Sophisticated Exchange For The Most Sophisticated Trader

Leading the World in Market Depth and Liquidity

-Trade the 27 best cryptocurrency pairs 24/7 with no trading limits.

-Offsite storage of coins ensures more security and easier login.

-VIP traders earn +0.1% as Maker(Seller) on each trade.

Ultra Secure

Our servers are constantly being scanned for suspicious activity so that the most appropriate safeguards can be applied to prevent attacks. In addition, we utilize 2 tier authentication, cold storage of reserve coins, and all emails are php encrypted.

Efficient Pricing

Correx is the first crypto exchange to use a pricing algorithm which prevents market manipulation and ensures only the best trade fills.


We are a crypto only exchange however you may deposit and withdraw Tether(USDT) along with all other major cryptocurrencies. We are very particular about the coins we offer and we will never issue our own ICO as this is a clear conflict of interest.

Vip Club

Join our prestigious Vip Club by simply meeting our minimum trading requirements and earn +0.1% on each trade. Additional rewards include luxury vacations,shopping sprees and gift cards.

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